Project Title — Te.D2 - Therapy dog handler: development of a certified training course for dog handler in the AAI according to the Ecvet procedures;

Key Action—Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices;.

Action—Strategic Partnerships;.


The Te.d2 project aims to generate a new training tool for potential therapy dog handlers. It is definitely a high-quality learning opportunity since it incorporates the development of essential Skills in the domain of dog management in Animal-assisted interventions (=Animal Assisted Activities and animal-assisted Therapy) These skills cannot be developed in isolation. They will be developed through the essential learning areas in the domain and in different contexts across the curriculum by using an integrated and innovative approach: interactive learning and work placement.

Moreover, the Te.D2 project is focused on the development of an innovative and fresh training online curriculum to support and help vulnerable people who have difficulties. As the structure of the European population shifts and as mid-career changes become more frequent, the need for constant upgrading of skills increases and with it the relative importance of CVET. The adoption of an outcomes-based approach for vocational qualifications, as promoted by the EQF and ECVET, is key to achieving this.

Te.D2 project curriculum provides a high-quality training focused on work-based learning adapted to an individual who wants to enter or re-enter the labour market, a flexible and modularized individual learning curriculum and a work-based learning focused on the acquisition of key competencies in the field.


About Erasmus+

Erasmus + (2014-2020) is the new 16 billion euro catch-all framework program for education, training, youth and sport. It is built on the well-known and respected EU brand of the highly successful Erasmus student exchange program. 

The main objective of Erasmus +  improves the employability of the youth by acquiring supplementary competences appreciated by employers, as well as improving their language skills and flexibility.